Upcoming Cannabis Festival Draws OPP Attention

A cannabis-themed festival is set to take place soon, and the police are keeping a watchful eye on how it unfolds. Budstock 2016 is the event and it’s being held on a property in the Ramara Township from July 15-17.

One OPP inspector says that the police’s main concern is public safety. “What we are mostly concerned about is public safety, and we will be taking actions to ensure public safety in relation to the event,” says Insp. Pat Morris.

The event is being held on 47 acres of land not far from Casino Rama, but it’s not open to the general public. Instead, the only people allowed to attend are member of Cannabispreneurs Production International Promotions, which is the group presenting this festival.

Morris did say that the OPP plans to enforce current drug laws and focus on impaired drivers. “We will take every step to discern and to prevent any impaired operation of a motor vehicle or anything else. The only marijuana that is legal to possess is medicinal marijuana if you have a license, and acquired it from one of the approximately 30 purveyors of that across the country,” Morris said.

We will update readers on any major happenings at this festival over the next few days, so be sure to keep checking in with us for more.