Bay Area legend E-40 headlining 420 Vancouver

The 24th annual 420 Vancouver celebration will be headlined by E-40, a Bay Area rap legend who’s been rapping for over three decades- he even has a song with 2Pac from back when Pac was still alive!

E-40 is also a slang originator famous for coining words who’s influence even extends beyond hiphop.  And what is that, like, over 10 chains around his neck?Have you ever referred to the police as the “po-po”? That’s E-40. He was also the first to say “fasheezy” on record and he created the “-izzle” suffix popularized by Snoop Dogg.

E-40 also loves weed- he was even the first to call it ‘broccoli’ in the 90’s, long before Lil Yachty and Kodak Black (who’ve used the term) were even born.

Music and performances are scheduled all day, and make sure to check out local talent like Brevner, Tre Nyce, IMUR, The People North West, Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Kid Filthy, Raeliss, The X Presidents and more!

The last 420 before legalization

420 Vancouver organizer Dana Larsen told CLN, “I think it will be the biggest one ever, but I don’t know how special that really is because pretty much every year is the biggest one ever. It’s an event that continues to grow.”

Even though 2018’s 420 Vancouver will likely be the last before cannabis is legalized, Mr. Larsen doesn’t expect much to change, saying, “The event in my mind continues as a protest and a celebration of cannabis culture. I don’t think the Cannabis Act will influence 420 a lot, other than making more people feel comfortable coming to a public place and using cannabis.”

He goes on, saying:

“The Cannabis Act is by no means our final job as cannabis activists. It’s got a lot of flaws and it’s got a lot of good things, and it certainly is a historic step forward, but we have decades of work ahead of us.”

420 Vancouver will be at Sunset Beach Park and going all day from 12PM-8PM. Cannabis Life Network will be there all day, livestreaming two feeds from the side of the main stage.