Beat The Heat With Weed Infused Bhang Lassi

Bhang lassi is nothing but an edible preparation of Cannabis! It serves as a beverage made by adding mashed cannabis into yogurt or hung curd.

Bhang lassi or bhang has been a vital part of many Hindu festivals. The consumption of bhang in India has been prominent for centuries. It is mainly consumed during Holi . The effect of bhang can last for about 3-8 hours depending on the amount consumed. The scorching summer sun makes this drink refreshing. This recipe requires nothing but simple ingredients and tastes quite divine.

Ingredients you’ll need

  • Milk
  • Hung Curd
  • Sugar
  • Choice of nuts for Garnishing
  • And of course, Cannabis

Now, let’s jump into the recipe.

Step 1 – Remove any seeds from the cannabis and let it brew for a couple of minutes

Step 2 – Strain the water completely, save the collected water for late use

Step 3 – Now squeeze the leaves with hand to extract any leftover liquid.

Step 4 – Put the leaves into a blender with some luke warm milk along with the saved water

Step 5 – Slowly grind it to make a firm paste

Step 6 – Add this paste to the hung curd or yogurt, blend well. You can also add some sugar which is optional

Step 7 – Chill it for a while and serve, garnish it with almonds, cashews and pistachios.

The effect will be felt within few minutes of consumption. The mashed cannabis can be added to various recipes as well, like for making fritters. But the buzz that the drink gives is the best part. You can definitely include this on your menu for your next cocktail party and don’t be surprised if they ask for more! Let us know in the comment section below what weed infused cocktails you’d love to try this summer.