Need some weed but too baked to go out? Why not call for delivery! That may not be an option now but it will be in a few weeks. According to a recent announcement from the provincial government, the rules relax on July 15th. As of mid July, licensed cannabis retailers will be allowed to make deliveries directly to their customers and that’s not all… Here’s the details about these coming changes.

Cannabis Delivery

The goal is to shrink the illegal market and they plan to do that by making cannabis more accessible. While every detail hasn’t been announced, the ones that have seem pretty straight forward. 

  • Deliveries will be available to adults nineteen and older.
  • Two pieces of ID must be presented at the time of delivery.
  • A signature and name will be required for every delivery.

Drop offs are only allowed to residential addresses but alternatively, curbside pickup will be available from 9am to 11pm.


When it comes to medical cannabis in Canada, orders can only be made with a credit card and shipped. As a result, many medical patients can’t pay for their medicine; thus, they go without it, unless they find an illegal source. As it stands, these changes will only affect recreational sales.

There’s been no word on how these deliveries will be organized, especially surrounding payments. Will cash be accepted upon delivery or will payments have to be made in advance? If not, will cash be accepted at the door? Is this a free service or is there a fee? Can drivers accept tips? The rules surrounding payments will be made public in a very short time. But until then, we are left with some burning questions.

Bye bye security clearance

Want to work in recreational cannabis but can’t because of a previous charge? As of July 15, 2021, you won’t need a security clearance. The requirements are changing and guess what? Delivery drivers are about to find themselves in high demand. 

The recreational Cannabis industry is made to serve adults and it’s high time the rules reflect this. While all the details have not been made clear, this new announcement seems to be a step in the right direction. 

Will you get your cannabis delivered? Why or why not? What’s your opinion on this recent announcement? Please share your thoughts in the comments.