Bedrocan Announces Price Raise for Medical Patients

Licensed cannabis producer Bedrocan announced to patients through email that all new registrants and patient renewals will see an increase in price effective after Sep. 28.

“Effective today we are writing to inform you that we are adjusting our price per gram for all new registrations, including renewal registrations to $6.75 per gram and $125 per 100ml bottle of oil,” the statement read. “We’re proud to say that even at these new prices, Bedrocan continues to consistently offer the lowest price and best value of all license producers in Canada.”

The licensed producer, owned by Canopy Growth Corporation, lists its current prices as $5 per gram and $110 per bottle of cannabis oil.

Current patients will continue to pay the old price until the medical document they used to register expires and they need to re-enroll with the company, typically every three months.

“When we introduced this program, we did so with the promise that the price you saw when you registered would remain the same for the duration of your medical document, and that’s not going to change,” the statement read. “This pricing change is reflective of the evolving costs involved in operating our company.”

Bedrocan patient Daniel Lavender said he buys 60 grams of medical cannabis a month from the licensed producer and won’t face the new prices until he needs to renew his registration in April.

Lavender said he wouldn’t get upset at a small increase in price, but, when factoring in increased taxes and shipping costs, the Bedrocan prices are similar to other licensed producers.

“As someone who is living off of disability, this price increase just further cuts into my budget that I would rather spend on things like food and rent,” he said, through email. “The fact that they sound like they are doing us a favor seems really insincere.”

Bedrocan’s statement went on to say that the company is looking at expanding its product line.

“Our oils line-up was an important first step towards broadening your choice at Bedrocan Canada, but we are always working on new innovative ways to provide the best customer experience possible,” the statement reads. “Our entire team, from Client Care to our production staff, look forward to continuing to provide you with our world class, standardized cannabis products at a fair and compassionate price.”