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Weed Advisor launches comprehensive business app “FAMS” to support licensed producers

Weed Advisor-developed Facility Asset Management Solutions (FAMS) provides asset management and compliance with industry regulations

TORONTO, Dec. 10, 2018 /CNW/ – Weed Advisor, a cannabis software company that supplies business solutions and consumer insights to the industry, has developed the first Facility Asset Management Solution (FAMS) specifically designed for licensed cannabis producers.

Weed Advisor’s fully-customizable FAMS ensures companies manage assets and comply with newly-instituted government regulations. Inventory, reporting and compliance audits all now play a role in the regulated industry. Weed Advisor’s real-time, cloud-based FAMS software creates opportunities for savings through optimization and eliminates infractions and downtime that can lead to higher costs and lost production.

Gregory Luciani, President and CEO of Weed Advisor, said:

“While the overall industry raced to try to manage this newly legalized market, we were extremely careful in developing FAMS to ensure our business customers have proven technology to protect their investments, while supporting their strategic goals in a new marketplace.

We took the time to provide key pillars of new business operations that make the most sense, based on policy, regulation, asset management, security, changing needs, and long-term profitability.”

Key components of FAMS software include:

  • Dashboard reporting to executives
  • Fail-safe purchase decisions
  • Standard operation procedures and other compliances to complete tasks via mobile devices
  • Deployment that allows new assets to come online during priority times in the growing cycle
  • Task assignments to staff via mobile devices
  • Maintenance scheduling to ensure capital costs are kept low and product supply is not affected
  • Utilization/disposal of equipment so that inefficiencies of older assets do not cost more than the revenue they produce

Krishnan Wignarajah, COO and CIO at Weed Advisor, added:

“All FAMS programs are implemented on standard web and mobile platforms, which leads to ease of access and use.

This also includes additional customization, high-level security and unlimited users – all to create better business and customer experiences.”

Risk implications for failing to manage physical assets include:

  • Forced shutdown from government inspectors who find operations in non-compliance
  • Fines for failing monthly inspections of equipment such as sprinkler systems
  • Costs related to a shutdown of production processes due to asset failure
  • Inadequate response to any asset failure that has consequences for product supply

Other key overall Weed Advisor B2B software products include:


Cyber security is one of the strongest attributes of Weed Advisor. In fact, an early adopter and partner of the Weed Advisor platform is Snowy River International, a world-renowned cyber security firm based out of Alberta that ensures safe sharing of critical information and cyber integrity.


Start-up financial support is often a challenge, which is why in-house Weed Advisor finance options for businesses interested in purchasing the company’s proprietary B2B and B2C suite of solutions are available. The internal finance process creates a smooth transition for a growing business and helps accelerate revenue streams.


While other online cannabis-focused sites offer sales through e-transfers, C.O.D. transactions and third-party channels such as PayPal, as of Canadian cannabis legalization, Weed Advisor now offers the same type of PCI compliant transactions utilized to purchase music, furniture, computer hardware & software, food & beverage, and clothing, to name a few industries – virtually everything people have come to grow accustomed to when buying online.


Weed Advisor Business Analytics Solutions (BAS) leverages software and services to transform data into actionable intelligence that informs an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. WA-BAS connects licensed producers and retail with consumers by providing research data on consumer preferences and generated targeted leads.

Features include:

  • Market focus analytics based on market segment details for a product launch
  • Detailed analytics functions based on product and buying patterns
  • Market focus advertisements based on consumer analytics


SOURCE Weed Advisor