Major companies and corporations around the globe are taking to the cannabis sector for investing, but how will this affect the cannabis industry?

Who’s Investing in the Budding cannabis Industry?

Major companies and corporations around the globe are taking to the cannabis sector for investing. It would only seem to be natural for them to do so. After all, they have the power to source powerful analytic data that can help paint any picture the general public doesn’t see.

Cannabis is evolving fast. The acceptance of the plant is much different than it was decades ago. Draconian marijuana prohibition attached a negative stigma to a widely misunderstood plant. That stigma and the misinformation surrounding it is, fortunately, coming to an end. The days of marijuana prohibition aren’t over, but the beginning of the end has begun.

Big Tobacco and Alcohol are both eyeing cannabis

Big tobacco is a multibillion-dollar entity. They have the power to not only predict trends but to influence and set them. A sure sign that cannabis is going to cultivate even more support in the future was recently shown by Marlboro owner Altria. Altria invested 1.8 billion dollars in the cannabis company called Cronos Group!

The investment by a company affiliated with Marlboro cigarettes shouldn’t come as a surprise. Lately, all kinds of giant companies and corporations have been eyeballing the cannabis sector. From Molson Coors to Heineken and many others, they’re betting on cannabis changing the future for beverages and recreational consumption products.

They’re not exactly wrong either. If you look at the current growth trends in the cannabis sector, they are revolving around cannabis-infused edibles and vaping cannabis. This means that the traditional smoking a joint or bowl is a trend that isn’t in much anymore.

Companies that are smart are turning their investments towards products infused with cannabis.

Just because a product is infused with cannabis doesn’t mean that it necessarily has to get you high. CBD is produced in both hemp which contains virtually no THC and in medical cannabis, which is typically high in THC. CBD from Industrial Hemp is on the verge of becoming legal across the entire nation in America. This would open up all kinds of doors for the food and beverage industry to start infusing CBD into just about everything.

People might say that it’s a hypocritical move for companies such as alcohol and tobacco who have supported the war on drugs and contributed an undisclosed amount of money and resources to keeping cannabis illegal to enter the cannabis space. They’re not entirely wrong. It is kind of hypocritical, but then again at least it’s progress. With these companies investing the type of money they are into cannabis it will help solidify a greener future for all of society.

You can bet your bottom dollar and your last bud that they’ll be banking on this green industry.

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