Bedrocan Approved to Sell Medical Homegrown Cannabis

A licensed producer recently purchased by Tweed has been given the green light from Health Canada to sell cannabis it has grown in Canada. Up until now Bedrocan has been relying on imports – up to 240 kilograms per year – from its partner Bedrocan Beheer BV in the Netherlands.

Bedrocan says it has been growing six strains of cannabis at its new Canadian production facility since February, with eight harvests completed so far.

The company says it can now begin taking orders for its inventory. They say Health Canada has also approved eight more growing rooms at its facility in the Greater Toronto Area, bringing the number of its licensed production rooms to 26 out of 34.

Bedrocan says it will be able to produce 3,000 kilograms of cannabis per year.  “We have now transitioned our business successfully and on schedule from our reliance on imported Bedrocan product to managing our own domestic production to meet the specific needs of our growing population of medical cannabis patients,” Bedrocan’s president and chief executive Marc Wayne said in a statement.

“We will now focus on expanding our marketing, medical outreach and education initiatives, emphasizing the value and advantages of our standardized, pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis products.”