Ben and Jerry's Go CBD

CBD (cannabidiol), the non-intoxicating counterpart to cannabis therapy, has been shattering stigmas. A hole is slowly opening in a new found sector of the economy, waiting for major companies like Ben and Jerry’s to spearhead.

Ben and Jerry’s CBD ice cream. How Can it Make Chocolate Even Better?

Some may feel uncomfortable and out of place while others, like the infamous ice cream churner’s Ben and Jerry’s, seem right at home. They made an announcement to bring “their fans” two favourites blended as one.

Move over chocolate and vanilla, a new flavour is coming to town. As CBD nears true federal legislation, we might soon find our freezers stocked with Ben and Jerry’s CBD ice cream. Imagine if binge eating ice cream did more than band-aiding that night of crushing depression?

What if I told you chocolate has never been a bandaid, and CBD may work just as well.

Chocolate (at least real cocoa) contains a natural molecule of bliss known as anandamide. This is actually a cannabinoid that not only exists within you, it also performs nearly half of CBD’s miracles behind the cellular curtain.

CBD has a few other interesting properties. Most prominent though, is its ability to prevent anandamide from breaking down, leading to an overall increase. An elevation in that blissful molecule carries the therapeutic potential for many ailments including, but not limited to, inflammation, stress, anxiety, cancer, migraine, fibromyalgia, IBD, and of course PMS – perhaps finding relief by satisfying your chocolatey craving does more than you thought. Wonderful still, that relief can be complemented by or replaced with CBD.

All the fat has a good side, too. That will only help CBD absorb more efficiently.

Who knew a pint of Ben and Jerry’s would go so well with this new, booming herbal medicine. Will CBD be a potential therapeutic benefactor for chocolate, or a replacement altogether? The future holds plenty of opportunities that now has a huge influential stepping stone.

Perhaps I cannot convince you there is any valid benefit to all of this. Just a tasty dessert, without much going for it. Other’s might be in a similar situation, struggling to convince a skeptical someone they know could be saved by CBD.

FDA to approve CBD

Ben and Jerry’s could soon become the common friend who can break the ice …. cream. We only have to hope and wait for the FDA to approve CBD federally, which is gaining some hope as of late. A public meeting took place on May 31, an open-portal Ben and Jerry’s sent a letter of support through and are encouraging us to do the same. If the FDA delivers and passes CBD, the makers of flavours like  “Half Baked, ” and “The Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies, ” have now given their word to deliver America a self-sustained CBD they hope to source from their very own home state, Vermont

Ben and Jerry’s website.