Blair Says Minimum Age For Cannabis May Vary Across Canada

The Liberal government’s point person on cannabis legalization said the minimum age for cannabis use will likely differ between provinces once regulation is in place.

Blair also said authorities will fight against drug tourism, the movement of cannabis across international borders along with the establishment of national cannabis impairment driving laws.

“We would like to see consistency and a consensus across the country on the best way to keep our roadways safe,” said Blair.

Blair said while the provinces will have a chance to have their say on legalization he doesn’t want a legalization system like that in the U.S., where individual states have cannabis regulations that run up against federal law.

But, Blair said the report due from the legalization task force in November will heavily influence the government’s decisions and the need for a federally established legal age for consumption may not be needed, much the way the provinces control liquor.

The MP hinted that Canadians may face heavier fines for trafficking once regulations are in place, both for the import and export of cannabis.

Blair said he’s satisfied with the current level of enforcement of cannabis dispensaries that have opened across the country, but that it’s a matter that municipalities need to deal with, not the federal government.

“It doesn’t mean everybody needs to be in jail,” he said.