New Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza Redesign Approved

A new redesign for the Vancouver Art Gallery plaza has recently been approved by the city council. The Vancouver Art Gallery is one of the more prominent public spaces in the city, that is usually the meeting point for a variety of gatherings taking place like the April 20th (420) celebrations, various other protests, and more. The plan for the new design of the plaza is expected to costs millions of dollars and will take several months to complete.

The $5.7 million recently approved contract will be seeking to establish a more attractive and flexible event-friendly space. The space is going to be updated with a variety of power connections in order to help to foster the idea that the space can be used for more events and festivals to take place. There will also be seating established which will be able to be moved and there will be tall light poles put into place on either side of the plaza.

Jacob Bros. Construction Inc. has been chosen as the contractor for the project and they are expected to begin later this month; looking to have the project entirely completed by early 2017. The hopes are that the new design will be established in time for the Lunar Fest Vancouver which will be taking place early next year, and is traditionally held at the plaza over the last few years.