Canna Costs: What are Cannabis prices around the world?

How much does weed cost where you live? This is a question that is asked by many, and prices are likely to vary significantly depending on who is being asked and where they live. One Tel Aviv based company sought out to answer the question about cannabis prices to the best of their ability, and the results may just shock you or elevate you, depending on how much you are paying for cannabis!

The Highest Prices in the U.S.

In the United States, the highest average price of cannabis per gram comes out of a municipality with legal access to cannabis. According to this study, the most expensive place to buy cannabis in the United States is Washington DC. Cannabis in Washington DC is going for an average of $18.08 per gram. Chicago comes in second place with medical cannabis averaging $11.46 a gram followed by Philadelphia where cannabis is illegal and goes for an average of $11.30 a gram.

Unfortunately, these statistics do not include accurate information about cannabis from every single city and state because to my knowledge there are many places throughout the United States where people are paying more than $20 a gram on average for low-quality cannabis.

The Cheapest Prices in the U.S.

When it comes to the cheapest places to purchase cannabis in the United States, four cities with legal cannabis made the list. San Francisco averages $9.27 followed by Los Angeles at $8.14 and Denver at $7.79 a gram. The absolute cheapest place to buy a gram of cannabis in the United States, however, is in Seattle Washington where it goes for an average of $7.58.

Cannabis Consumption Stats

When it comes to which city consumes the most cannabis, New York City tops the list. According to this data, the Big Apple consumes almost 77.5 metric tons of cannabis per year. In case you don’t want to do the math, this comes down to about one-third of an ounce for each resident of New York City.

Prices Around the World

When it comes to prices of cannabis around the world the most expensive place according to this study to purchase cannabis is in Tokyo where cannabis is highly illegal and goes for a roughly $32.66 a gram on average. The least expensive city in the world to purchase cannabis according to this data is in Quito Ecuador where cannabis is decriminalized and averages just $1.34 per gram.

Other Interesting Facts

  • Some other interesting facts coming out of these statistics include the fact that Boston has the highest price per gram of all the cities where cannabis is legal. Boston consumers pay an average of $11.01 per gram of cannabis.
  • The cheapest price that legal cannabis consumers are paying around the world according to this data is in Uruguay and cannabis prices are around $4.15 per gram.
  • Based on the average tax rates that are currently being applied to us cannabis purchases in New York City alone could stand to bring in over $156 annually from tax revenue if a legal retail cannabis market was also implemented.

What are you paying for per gram of cannabis and where you live? Let us know in the comments below!


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