Cannabis in Canada at 3/20

Cannabis in Canada attended the 3/20 farmers market, an event that brought members of the cannabis community together to discuss next month’s Apr. 20 protest.

The event, hosted by World Cannabis, hoped to open a discussion on how best to plan the annual gathering, while looking forward to continuing to be a part of the industry post-legalization.

“We need a fair and open market cannabis needs to be regulated like tomatoes not like heroin,” the event description stated. “By coming together as a community at the monthly cannabis farmers market we will keep the market open.”

Rob Moore from World Cannabis said the goal of all the farmers markets and protests is to end any form of cannabis prohibition, and encouraged all those interested in fighting for fair access to attend 4/20 in Vancouver.

“People are still being arrested,” Moore said. “Since Justin Trudeau’s been in office, over 22,000 people have been arrested. So we want to be in the public eye, so we’re asking everyone to come on out and help free the weed.”

Activist Freddie Pritchard spoke at the event and said, instead of competing with one another, members of the cannabis community should come together against government regulations that will try and put an end to their operation altogether.

“Any kind of new, harsher rules and regulations that affect any of our young ones, or any of us, is not legalization and we’ll need to continue to fight,” Pritchard said. “We know we can do this, we are the cannabis community, we have a lot of thriving business people successfully operating in it. We need to unify our voice.”

Tune into Cannabis in Canada Apr. 20 for live coverage of the 4/20 Vancouver farmers market and protest at the Vancouver Art Gallery.