windy city high

Cannabis-infused Cooking comes to Chicago with Windy City High

Cannabis-infused cuisine is coming to Chicago with Windy City High, described as a “communal dinner experience centered  around culinary exploration and genuine relationships, both new and old”.

The Dec. 4 event comes courtesy of Herbal Notes, a California-based company whose mission is “elevating the cannabis conversation around the dinner table”.

The fine dining pop-up has yet to find a location, but the 6-course cannabis-infused meal, which includes a cannabis cocktail, has garnered thousands of reservation inquiries and has already sold out- Chicagoans seem to have great interest in infusing cannabis with high cuisine.

As Manny Mendoza, the founder and chef of Herbal Notes, told CBS Chicago, “Let’s do more than just get together and smoke weed and get high”. Instead, he wants to reduce the stigma around cannabis use and show people the many medicinal properties of the plant. His cooking focuses on CBD, a non-pschoactive compound found in cannabis, which has been seen to have anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and anti-psychotic properties.

Although Illinois hasn’t legalized recreational cannabis yet, under 10 grams has been decriminalized, and Mendoza is doing everything he can to bring Windy City High to Chicago legally. The focus of the event is on cannabidiol (also known as CBD), which is non-psychoactive.

Guests can also look forward to goodie bags that will help them get started on some cannabis cooking of their own.

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