chronic cooking

Chronic Cooking: Waking and Baking Cannabis-infused breakfast muffins and more

Catch Chronic Cooking with Craig Ex and Chef Cody as they whip up a batch of cannabis-infused breakfast favourites. In this first ever episode, you’ll get to find out how to make 3 of Chef Cody’s favourite recipes:

  1. The Morning Power Muffin
  2. His healthier Whole Wheat Oat Pancakes
  3. Purple Berry Smoothie

It’s a ‘wake and bake’ on multiple levels as Craig and the muffins both get baked for the most important meal of the day. 

Learn about the “2 Bowl” mixing method that Chef Cody demonstrates in the video- but having a bowl or doob, or two, as you’re cooking is completely up to you.

Even better, the recipes call for cannabis tinctures, which are widely available at most dispensaries and you can even easily make tinctures yourself. One of the best things about tinctures is that they’re so convenient- with a couple drops, you can instantly infuse anything. Food or drink.

And once you see the food start cooking, it’s sure to inspire a whole lot of munchies.

Plus, you’ll want to see who shows up to help eat those pancakes and make that smoothie (hint: it’s Loudonio) and for more from Chef Cody, check out his website, The Wellness Soldier.