Got the Munchies? 5 Recipes You Can Make Right Now

Stoners and the Munchies have warred for centuries. In fact, this battle has gone on ever since the first joint was lit. We are here to once and for all, take down the evil Munchies and their nefarious grip on all of stoner kind. Check out these recipes you can make with very few ingredients right now.

Food, food everywhere, but not a crumb to eat

Have you ever found yourself moving from fridge to pantry and back again, all because you can’t decide on something to eat? I do this weekly — and often — several times over before I slump onto the couch and scroll endlessly for recipes that I not only satiate whatever craving I have that day but for which I also have the proper ingredients. Anything to keep that dreaded can of cauliflower soup tucked away in the cupboard for another meal.

While it might seem like you have nothing to eat as you close door after door in that seemingly barren kitchen, I’m here to prove to you that some imagination and ingenuity go a long way. You can serve yourself a treat under any circumstance. For when the grocery store feels too far, or you’re too strapped for cash to order in ̶ for days when all other options are out of the question, you can always cook, no matter what you have in stock.

Honey mint citrus salad

Photo by Wuttipong Nim-orm via Pixabay

This recipe for a citrus salad from Emily Bites is as refreshing as it is good. There is little that can size up to the spritz you get from peeling fresh citrus on a hot summer day. This dish has more than enough citrus to bring you back to the misting station of a summer music festival. I would be hard-pressed to name a better starter salad than one made with citrus, and this is a recipe I find myself coming back to often.

How to elevate the dish: This recipe calls for a tablespoon of honey. Refer to our video provided by The Wellness Soldier on how to make cannabis-infused honey.

Spinach apple salad with maple vinaigrette

It’s no secret that I love salads. This salad from Saving Room for Dessert balances savoury goat cheese with sweet apple and red onion for a bite. In a word, this dish is decadent. I often find myself attracted to light-but-satiating meals like this because I don’t enjoy feeling logy when I have things to do. A good meal should provide you energy to continue your day instead of sapping you of the will to move.

How to elevate the dish:  In the same video mentioned above, The Wellness Soldier covers elevating your maple syrup. Try it with this dish. You won’t regret it, we promise.


Okay, big disclaimer here: I’ve eaten seitan at restaurants but never fully understood what it is or how it is, well, made. That is, until I spent my pandemic, like so many others, falling into the deep algorithmic abyss that is TikTok. Suddenly, I was getting seitan recipes left and right that only required flour, water, and my spice rack’s greatest hits. After some research on Youtube, I came across the most comprehensive and unpretentious video I could find on the subject (courtesy to The Viet Vegan). Basically, this is a chicken substitute that you can almost always make, regardless of your pantry situation.

How to elevate the dish: You could medicate the fryer oil, but honestly, it’s just flour and water. Light a j.

Baked macaroni and cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a match made in heaven. Just thinking of the creamy cheese protected by a crispy, baked shell makes my mouth water. There is little I should need to say about this dish to convince you to try it. Unless, for some reason, you can’t enjoy this dish. If so, I am deeply sorry. If you’re up for it this recipe from Southern Plate is best eaten on a chilly day when you have nothing to do.

How to elevate the dish: Remember what I said about feeling logy? Well, this meal will almost undoubtedly knock you out. Which makes it the perfect candidate for the CLN official cannabutter recipe (as provided by The Wellness Soldier). Substitute all four tablespoons of butter (and why not flour as well?) with our medicated alternative. Hey, it’s a good excuse to write off the rest of the day.

Creme Brulee

Photo by Max Griss via Unsplash

What meal would be complete without dessert? If you are looking to flex those culinary muscles, or impress someone with a delicate treat, consider making the crème de la crème of cream-based desserts with a classic crème brûlée. Whether you want to woo your dinner party guests, a date, or you just feel like treating yourself (because you know you deserve it), this is the dish for you.

How to elevate this dish: This time, both our recipe and the elevated element come from our very good friends at The Wellness Soldier.

Bon appétit

All five of these dishes together combine to make a bit of a mismatched yet satisfying five-course meal. And honestly, by the time you’re through each medicated dish, you’ll just be happy you’re sitting in front of a diverse array of foods that hit every flavour you could be craving.

Tell us what you thought of the recipes below, and if you make them at home, be sure to tag @cannalifenet on Twitter and Instagram!

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