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Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you have managed to make it through a global pandemic — Boy did that ever suck. Slow and steady, life is returning to a semblance of pre-pandemic normal. One day, they will look back and wonder how we all managed. The truth is, it was thanks to movies and weed.

When staying home means saving lives, what else are you going to do? Fighting pandemic boredom is still an everyday struggle. These are strange times, and all we can do is hold on for the ride. At least we have some solid entertainment. Between the politics and streaming sites, it was the best of times and the worst of times. And, well, you can only rearrange your house so many times. 

No need to feel guilty! Today, you can use what you learned, and you did learn something. On the surface, it might seem like Tiger King taught you nothing, but that’s not true. The time you spent watching TV and movies was pop culture gold. If you were following the news, then the chances are that on several occasions, you gave your head a shake. From now on, when it comes to trivia, consider yourself to be a serious contender. Have confidence and be fierce, because buddy, you got this.

Still don’t believe it? Give the crossword below a try! If you can complete the puzzle without googling the answers, know that you are a trivia legend. If not, don’t worry about it. It means that you found something else to do.

For those of you glued to your screen for the entire pandemic:

Love Netflix? Obsessed with the news? If you know you will whip through this pandemic boredom crossword, get baked out of your tree before going any further. Think you got what it takes? There is only one way to find out!

1. Getting stoned and watching BLANK seemed wholesome like the comic book... until you see Betty start webcamming.
2. During a movie promotion, John Cena pissed off this country by publicly recognizing Taiwan. His public apology is legendary. Which country got mad?
3. The director of 'Black BLANK' said that there would be no new episodes through the pandemic because the world was disturbing enough.
4. Nothing like getting baked and gawking over Grogu. Who knew baby Yoda would be so cute? What series was this?
5. According to the Tiger King, that bitch, Carole BLANK killed her husband.
6. Joe Exotic had a limo waiting outside his prison because he expected President BLANK to pardon him. It didn't happen.
7. Like a flash in the pan, this social media platform was successful to start yet quickly shut down. Hint french verb to talk
8. Nice to find out the other side of the story. After watching Cobra BLANK, it got harder to root for the karate kid.
9. Don't waste minutes of your life by watching 'Pride, Prejudice and BLANK'. They did not pull it off. Plural
10. We couldn't go to restaurants but after watching Gordon BLANK, you didn't really want to. Kitchen Nightmares indeed.
11. This latin country recently announced a plan to legalize recreational cannabis. Viva la BLANK

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