Yes. You read that right. This is an interactive crossword puzzle that is all about cannabis and cancer. It might seem like a bizarre idea, but there is a method to this madness. If you’ve ever personally heard a doctor say the word cancer, or are close with someone who has, you know how terrifying that experience is.

Living with cancer means learning about it and to do that, you have to absorb information; something very hard to do, especially when you are healing. This crossword puzzle is meant to provide an alternative way to retain information. Regardless of your current reality, educating yourself on this subject might just save your life one day.

If you want to hear about cannabis and cancer from a medical doctor, meet Dr. Dave Hepburn. In this video, he explains how cannabis affects cancer on a cellular level and its potential to be used as a treatment in the future. Check out the video and then test your knowledge!

1. When cannabis is ingested, its goes into our BLANK. Begins with 'B'
2. The system of the body that interacts with cannabinoids is called the BLANK system.
3. Plant cannabinoids are also known as BLANK. Begins with 'P'
4. No one has ever died of cannabis because these are not present in the brain stem. Begins with 'R'
5. The definition of cell death aka cellular suicide. Begins with 'A'
6. Means to inhibit mitosis or block cell growth. Cannabis may have this BLANK effect on tumors. Begins with 'A'
7. Cannabis can help relieve the side effects of this cancer treatment therapy. Begins with 'C'.
8. Cannabis is said to be an angiogenesis inhibitor, meaning it slows the growth of new blood BLANK. Plural, begins with 'V'
9. Cannabis is safe to use topically on burns caused by this cancer treatment.
10. According to the National Cancer BLANK, cannabis can target a cancer cell without damaging the surrounding tissue.