New Year's Traditions Around the World - Strange Party Crossword

New Year’s Traditions Around the World – Strange Party Crossword

If 2022 was not a good year for you, don’t fret because it’s over; the earth has started a new spin around the sun. On December 31st, at the stroke of midnight, the world hit the reset button. Then, we partied. This crossword is all about new year traditions and the different ways we ring in the new year around the world. Every country around the world has traditions unique to their culture; some seem a little stranger than others. No matter where you are or what you believe, everyone can appreciate a fresh start. It seems that we mark the occasion in a lot of different ways. 

Before you get on with 2023, try this New Year’s Eve, strange party crossword. See what you know about the ways we celebrate around the world. At the end of the crossword, the strangest answers will be explained. Until then, be ready, get creative, and think outside of the box – this is going to get a little weird…

1. In BLANK, people celebrate the approaching new year by dressing up as bears and dancing around. Apparently, this ward's off evil.
2. In BLANK, you are supposed to eat exactly twelve grapes at midnight as the clock strikes each hour. Each grape will buy you a month of good luck and health in the coming year.
3. In BLANK, they purge negativity by engaging in a sanctioned fistfight.
4. The USA has had some strange New Year’s Eve traditions. In North Carolina, they used to lower a BLANK from the top of a building. This ended in 2019.
5. In BLANK, the people celebrate the new year with a threeday water fight.
6. In BLANK, everyone goes to the cemetery to party with their dead relatives.
7. In BLANK, The new year is celebrated by getting rid of clutter and tossing it out the window. The streets become a freeforall.
8. If you are in BLANK and want to wish your friends and family good luck, break a plate outside of their door.
9. If you are in BLANK, you celebrate by banging bread on your doors and walls.
10. Wearing colored BLANK affects your fortune in the new year. This is a common tradition across Latin America.
11. If you are in BLANK at New Year's, get ready to pucker up. This Italian city is known for hosting a kissathon.

South America New Year Traditions

South America New Year Tradition

New Year’s is a very significant time in South America, both for the living and the dead. Traditions can vary depending on the country, with the exception of colored underwear. All across South America and in other Latin American countries, wearing colored underwear sets you up for the year ahead. If you want passion, wear red. Good luck? Wear yellow.

In Chile, it’s believed that the dead can come back and visit with the living, but only at New Year’s. A chance to see friends and family passed, everybody parties at the cemetery. 

In Peru, the people have a unique way of letting go. During the festival Takanakuy, any grievances from the past year are settled… in a community fistfight. It takes place on December 25th and participation is completely voluntary. Similar celebrations take place in Bolivia.

The UK and Scandinavia

The UK and Scandinavia New Year Traditions

In Denmark, piles of broken china are the new popularity test. If you don’t have a lot of friends, you’ll know by the lack of broken dishes. Apparently, breaking a dish against a friend’s door will bring them good luck in the new year. 

What’s the most efficient way to chase away bad luck and evil spirits? If the first answer that came to mind was to bang the walls of your house with bread, you must be from Ireland.

The possum

In North Carolina, it’s referred to as the possum drop and it happens at midnight. Since 1990, the people of Clay County have gotten together to gently lower a live possum. It began as a ‘redneck response’ to NYC’s ball drop in Times Square. Unfortunately, the possum drop ended in 2019. Animal activists argued that the animals should be left in peace. 

How do you like to celebrate New year? What did you get up to on New Year’s Eve? Is there any New year tradition that you follow? Please comment and tell us about it!