Cannabis related decor

Cannabis-Related Decor for any Toker

Stoner decor doesn’t have to be Half Baked movie posters and Jamaican flags. Even in our adult homes, we can still show off a love of Cannabis with class. Gone are the days of the Cheech and Chong-like basement-dwelling smokers. Now that we can be open about our usage, we can also celebrate our hobby with pride.

In my travels around the internet, I’ve found some fascinating cannabis-related decor pieces that would shine in the most out and proud smokers’ house or fit with the more subtle touches of a low-key toker.

Cannabis-Related Decor
GraemeGiftStore on Etsy

Graeme Gift Store on Etsy focuses on masks now, but the vintage-inspired posters they carry are amazing. The American-based shop is a little outdated, but the reviews suggest it seems to be still going. Personally, this “Sativa Days, Indica Nights” is the perfect mix of hippy and low-key stoner. Not as in-your-face for when your mother-in-law comes to visit but also shines brightly as a conversation starter for any fellow cannabis-enthusiast

At first glance, I thought the first pillow I saw was an actual stash. Although not exactly low-key, these pillows are way too much fun. The OG Kush pillow is just that — a pillow — but the Pineapple Express pillow is a two-in-one, a crazy-looking stash to, well, hide your stash! If anyone you don’t want to know asks about the skunky-smelling pillow, tell them it’s an extra feature.

Cannabis-Related Decor
Finally, the perfect no smoking sign.

Everyone loves those cheesy signs like “Man Cave,” but now I can say I found a no-smoking sign I actually like. Found on Amazon, this tin sign would be the perfect addition to any smoke shed or toking room. In addition, this sign is a little larger than your average sheet of paper, making it a great size for any wall.

Cannabis-Related Decor
THC Molecule Wall Art

For the chemistry nerd at heart, this THC Molecule wall art looks amazing. The Etsy listing explains that these art pieces are made via a 3D Printer, allowing complete control over the design.

All our decorations are made of ECO-friendly material – corn bioplastic. Thanks to this, our products are durable and biodegradable in the same time.

Cannabis-Related Decor
I do wonder if the designer had ever seen a cannabis plant…

While not exactly scientifically accurate, this weed plant made me laugh when I first saw it. All I can picture is the look of sheer fear upon non-smokers’ faces when they see it. That may be an outdated daydream, but this little house plant has a spot in my heart for its absurdity.