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BRNT Designs

Small Business Spotlight: BRNT Designs

BRNT Designs
Hexagon Ceramic Bong

BRNT Designs is a Canada-based design company specializing in bongs and accessories that focus on design, features, and cleaning. They started in 2017 with the Hexagon and have moved forward, now shipping their specialty designs to the USA.

Every product we create – in aesthetic, composition, and in design – must add to the normalization of cannabis and the tools used to consume it.

BRNT Designs website

You can find their work in ForbesRolling StonesLeaflyNow MagazineThe Growth OpBay Area ReporterExclaim!Toronto Guardian and many other media outlets. BRNT prides itself on being selective with whom they work — staying true to the spirit of the brand and advocating for cannabis use.

The geometric designs are both freezer and (while I’ve never actually run a bong through one before) dishwasher safe. More importantly, they look absolutely wicked.

Almost like a contemporary art sculpture, BRNT designs add a bit of class to any room. No need to pretend these bongs are vases. The pieces are inspired by Daniel Libeskind, moving with the flow of the planes while also boasting the smoothest haul possible. 

Prism Pipe

BRNT Designs
The BRNT Designs Prism

Visually striking, the Prism is inspired by LED lights and deflects the light in two different ways to really shine.

“Exemplifying ingenuity, its ergonomic base fits perfectly in your hand while providing maximum internal surface area allowing the smoke to cool down and create the perfect cannabis experience.”

BRNT Designs Website

Accidents happen, and BRNT Designs also sells different sets and bangers to replace anything that might have broken. The marbled stash jar and rolling tray are the things Instagram cannabis accounts base images. The design and style top the charts and make a perfect accent to any home decor. Finally, a stash box you don’t have to hide.

Kami Papers

BRNT Designs
The Kami papers

BRNT also sells 32 papers and tips in nifty little packages for four US dollars. Maybe my age is showing, but the fact they have a magnetic closure boggles my mind.

While the website needs a good once-over, the design of the bongs and pipes from BRNT Designs is stellar. Smooth lines and functionality are the names of the game — and they have won. The Prisms are semi-opaque, meaning they change colours as the smoke builds up — yet are easy to clean and stain-resistant to make sure your pipe always looks great.


The Faro is an interesting concept. A concrete pipe that makes cleaning and travelling easy. However, it’s something new this stoner has never tried and leaves me wishing I could take this pipe for a run.

All in all, I encourage anyone looking for a new bong or pipe to check out BRNT Designs before making their next purchase. The Instagram account is absolutely bumping with amazing lifestyle shots of the products in the wild.

The example of a customized white hexagon is gorgeous, and I truly wonder how they managed to grab that shot. So make sure to check it out on Instagram, and drop your friendly local writer – Emily – a line and tell me which bong is your favourite! Also, sign up for the newsletter and get all the newest stories from CLN in your inbox!