Join Craig Ex of Expert Joints "Out & About" seeing what's new in weed
Expert Joints LIVE "Out & About" with Weeds in Vancouver, Canada the home of #BCBud. Craig stops by to check out Weeds ad their night of fun and art featuring some of Canada's best glass artists and weed.

WEEDS Homegrown Artshow – “Out and About”

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Check out Craig Ex at the WEEDS Homegrown Artshow last week at 1350 William St. in East Vancouver. Featuring a ton of expertly-made glass, visual art, and glass-blowing demos, it was a trippy feast for the senses- and did I mention there was a dab bar, too?

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Not only was the Homegrown Artshow a celebration of art and glass, it also focused on giving back to the community and helping their own. That’s the reason why it was called “homegrown”- much of the visual art on display was created by WEEDS’ own talented in-house team, and the glass pieces were created by local legends like Redbeard Glass, Gibsons Glass, and Skullfish Glass– with proceeds from the Dab Bar being donated to We Care, Vancouver.

A smokeable Kool Aid Man glass piece.

Carol and Don, the owners of WEEDS, said:

“We’re just having a great celebration of all our people that work so hard for us and are great artists themselves. Then we brought in friends from the glass culture like Redbeard, Skullfish, and GIbsons… and so we have an amazing amount of wicked glass here.”

Wicked glass, indeed. If the only glass you’ve ever seen are the standard pipes and bongs at your local headshop, your mind would be blown to see the truly astounding things that these glass artists can come up with. From famous characters like Gumby and the Kool Aid Man to chickens cooking bacon and eggs- all painstakingly created from glass and ready for you to pack a bowl and take a toke.

Next, Craig goes around the back to check out the live glassblowing demos to see how they do what they do and he watches the glass artists kick the heat up a couple notches as they forge art in the fire.

Fire in the hole!

Craig also chatted to the glass artist known as Redbeard, who told him:

WEEDS is always supporting artists and I just want to give a shout out to WEEDS. Thanks guys, you guys rock!”

Craig also ran into some friends who came out to support the local community like Opus 420 and Dori Dempster from The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary. Dori talks about the movement to Save Vancouver’s Dispensaries, which is fighting to keep the dispensaries open to provide Canadians with the access they deserve.

To show your support and for more information, check out the Save Our Dispensaries website here.