WEEDS Glass and Gifts at the 2018 Lift Expo

Check out Craig Ex as he joins Don and Carol from WEEDS Glass and Gifts at the 2018 Lift Expo in Vancouver.

With cannabis slated for legalization sometime this year, it’s having a bit of a moment and that was made clear by how full the Vancouver Convention Centre was during the Lift Expo weekend- a mix of the corporate and the grassroots and everything in between- although there was no consumption allowed unless it was at the designated vapor area in the parking lot.

Watch as Craig, Don, and Carol team up and take a tour of the Lift Expo to say hi to old friends and check out what’s new.

The Lift Expo was packed full of interesting products, including UV lighting for growing and even machinery designed to sort and package cannabis on an industrial level. But the focus for Don is always consumer safety- which means no molds, pesticides, or dust contamination- and some of these machines looked very promising.

Don also tells us how in 2004, Da Kine Smoke and Beverage shop became the first place to sell concentrates in North America to those 19 years and over as they talk to Collin from Weedmaps.

They also bumped into an inflatable Urban Remo before running into the man himself. They also said hi to the wonderful people at Twisted Extracts and Solvent Zero, while checking out some Captain Cannabis comics with creator Verne Andru- who copyrighted his cannabis superhero all the way back on 4/20/77!

Speaking of creators, Craig, Don and Carol also talk to the artists at Gibson’s Glass. The trippy trio then get their picture taken at the Weedmaps and Flyte photobooth where Craig engages in a little disobedience by lighting up and saying, “If you’re going to come to a cannabis expo, there better be some fucking weed in here!” Can’t argue with that logic.

Next, Don and Carol tell us why Miss Envy products are so popular before running into Ross Rebagliati, the gold medal-winning Olympian snowboarder behind Ross’ Gold.

They then bump into Clint Younge, the CEO of MMJ Canada, one of the country’s other big dispensary chains- but it’s all love between Don, Carol and Clint.

All in all, it was a great weekend and we can’t wait to see everyone there next year!