les quatre vins

Creators of “Les Quatre Vins” on their terpene-infused wines

Les Quatre Vins is a Vancouver-based company competing in Spannabis with a product that is sure to generate some serious buzz, and that’s not only because it’s alcoholic.

Les Quatre Vins has mastered the science of terpene extraction and the art of winemaking to create sparkling wine and cava infused with terpenes, the aromatic oils that give cannabis its signature scent. While terpenes give cannabis its smell, they do not give cannabis its high, meaning there are big plans for Les Quatre Vins all across Europe.

Les Quatre Vins’ patent-pending extraction methods were developed by Enrico Bouchard and Alan Jaremowich.

Al is known as the Alchemist for his expertise in cannabis aromatics, while Enrico won “Best Paraphernalia Product” at Spannabis 2015 for his Sublimator invention- and ever since, people have been asking what’s next.

CLN caught up with Enrico and Al on their way to Spain to find out more.

How did Les Quatre Vins come to be?

Enrico: We were coming from the marijuana industry, and after seeing many soda and drink companies about this project we have with terpenes, we finally matched with Vina Fragrance.

They were willing to see what we could do under one condition- that we would never tarnish their name by having THC, CBD, or any type of illicit drug in their product.

We first tried with just a few bottles and one of the guys tasted it and thought it was just fantastic, which showed us that this is so ready to happen!

Al: For Vina Fragrance, this is their first time ever, really, backing a non-cava product.

Enrico: And it’s unbelievable because the head of Special Products at Vina Fragrance has 43 years of experience in high class, small batch products, and now this gentleman and his son are working with us!

What does the name “Les Quatre Vins” mean?

Al: Les Quatre Vins is a French pun that references one of cannabis’ most famous numbers- 420.

Enrico: In French, “Les Quatre Vins” translates to “The 4 Wines”, but it’s also a play on words because “quatre vingt”, which means “80”, is literally “4 X 20”.

That name came instantly, and even though we went through many names, that is the one that stuck. Everybody kept telling me “The name is going to be taken!” but when I checked, it was there for us, and now it’s our company.

How would you describe your product?

Enrico: It’s an amalgam of two worlds joining together.

Al: Like alchemy! We’re creating a cultural alloy. We’re taking these two cultures and turning it into the new gold.

Enrico: There’s so many possibilities for flavours, and we already have all these wines in stock ready for when this company gets rolling. The sky’s the limit, and we want to bring people the creme de la creme.

Who is Les Quatre Vins for?

Al: Les Quatre Vins is a high class product that is for everybody with a bit of bank. From the 19 year-old trust fund kid to the 70 year-old aficionado, to the 25 year-old baller who just landed his first deal getting bottle service at the club- we fit it all.

Les Quatre Vins