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Craig Ex on heading to Spannabis & Expert Joints LIVE! special in Barcelona

Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints is off to Barcelona tomorrow to check out Spannabis, one of the world’s biggest cannabis events. Craig tells us what he’s expecting to see at his first Spannabis, the special Expert Joints LIVE! show he’s broadcasting on March 8th from Spain, getting Rosetta stoned, and more!

CLN: Is this your first time going to Spannabis?

Craig Ex: Yes. First time to Europe, actually, and longest flight I’ve ever been on- flying to Barcelona from Vancouver will take 13-14 hours and I have 3 connections!

How big is Spannabis?

It is touted as one of the largest cannabis events in the world

Going for your first time, what are you expecting?

I expect to spend 4 days filming and running around all over the grounds and hopefully see a bit of Barcelona and do as much filming and shooting as we possibly can.

Do you have a list of people you hope to run into?

Well, of course, our friends Al the Alchemist and Enrico Bouchard are going to be there so we’ll be hanging out with them.

We’ll also be seeing some familiar faces from this side of the pond as well- Urban Remo and Everlasting Extracts will be there, as well as some of my friends from down in the states including Taylor Blake, the organizer of the Emerald Cup in California, which is one of my favorite events.

You’re going to be doing a special Expert Joints LIVE! from Spannabis on March 8th. With the 9 hour time difference between Spain and Vancouver, what time should we be tuning in?

The show will be airing on Thursday at 4:20 pm PT as per usual. The time slot doesn’t change, but the time that I’m shooting it at will.

So does that mean you’ll be shooting it at 1:20 am?

All I can say is you’ll have to tune in for the special.

The show airs in its regular time slot, and we’re working on something a little different for this episode, but you’ll have to toke up and tune in to see what happens.

Have you been brushing up on your Spanish in preparation?

Not terribly, languages aren’t exactly my thing, but from what I understand, enough people over there should speak enough English that I should be ok, but this all came together a little too quickly for me to pull out the Rosetta Stone.

Maybe I’ll do that on my 14-hour flight.

How do you think the European cannabis culture differs from the one in Canada/US?

We’re going to find out! As I understand, there are different strains and many new experiences to be had, and I heard the weed over there is supposed to be pretty good… so fingers crossed.

Anything else you’d like to add on Spannabis and your upcoming trip to Barcelona?

It’s cool to continue to see other places and get a taste of different cannabis cultures and I’m really looking forward to covering Spannabis with the crew from CLN and making more Well Put Together videos.

I hope it goes well, I get everything shot that I need, and that I survive the flight without losing my shit.


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