ParcelPal partners with Vancouver dispensaries to deliver pot to patients’ doors

ParcelPal Technology Inc., a tech company that offers on-demand delivery of merchandise from retailers, said in a press release now available at five unnamed Vancouver-based medical marijuana dispensaries. Vancouver residents should now be able to get their medical marijuana delivered straight to their doorsteps in as little as one hour, the company claims.

“We are very pleased with the rapid adoption of our technology by dispensaries in the past three weeks, having signed over 20 in total across Canada,” said ParcelPal president Kelly Abbott. “Providing ParcelPal as an online ordering and delivery option creates an alternative sales channel for these dispensaries and allows consumers discreet and safe access to product from the comfort of their homes. What is especially gratifying is that these businesses in a nascent market are trusting us with such an important and vital part of their business; building trust is a big part of marketing our technology to the marijuana industry.”

Customers that order cannabis through ParcelPal will be required to provide their date of birth at checkout to confirm they are 19 years or older and be a current medical marijuana patient in Canada. In order for marijuana to be delivered, the recipient must also be present to sign for the delivery and show proof of legal age with a valid photo ID.

“Medical Marijuana delivery is a very strong area of growth for us as. On average, medical marijuana patients are less mobile and more in need of ParcelPal’s ordering and delivery solutions,” said CEO Jason Moreau.

ParcelPal now has platforms live with three verticals – liquor outlets, restaurants, and medicl marijuana dispensaries – and has customers signed up with each.