Don and Carol from WEEDS on legalization, doing it better than the LP’s, and more at 420 Vancouver

WEEDS is one of Canada’s biggest cannabis chains with dispensaries all over BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, and for all the places without a physical location, there’s WEEDS’ country-wide mail-order system that yes, even deliveries to the territories.

Check out the exclusive interview from 420 Vancouver where Don and Carol, the people behind WEEDS, tell Craig Ex aka the Expert of Expert Joints about their plans for WEEDS’ future in the midst of legalization, their rapidly growing business, and the turning tide of public opinion that legalization represents.

But not only are Don and Carol successful businesspeople, they have been ardent supporters of the community since Day One, sponsoring events like 420 and Grassroots. But to hear them tell it, they see it as helping to bring cannabis from the black market into the light. There’s room in the industry for everybody and as Carol says, there are major career opportunities in cannabis. WEEDS is always hiring and looking for new talent, so if you’re interested in working with them, make sure to send your resume off to hr@weedsgg.ca.

Later, WEEDS’ Chief of Awesome Mason Hnatiw joins the conversation and he talks about the sophisticated cannabis clientele that WEEDS gets while also emphasizing the importance of providing their customers with good information, especially for newcomers to the scene. He talks about how many customers have told him about their issues with LP’s inconsistent quality, stock, and their shoddy customer service.

They also talk about the possibility for drone deliveries and how the cannabis industry could be bigger than the soda industry by 2030.

This piece is from CLN’s 420 Vancouver coverage and stay tuned because there’s much more content on the way from that historic day and make sure to call 1-844-YES-WEED for all of your weed-related needs.