Cooking With Cannabis 101 - Cannabis Infused Honey & Maple Syrup

Cooking With Cannabis 101 – Cannabis-Infused Honey & Maple Syrup

Welcome to another Cooking With Cannabis 101, this week you’ll learn how to make some lovely cannabis-infused honey & maple syrup. The infusion can be done by simply adding your desired decarboxylated cannabis strain to your honey and/or maple syrup and allowing it to double-boil in a pot of water for 40+ minutes. For an introduction to learning how to cook with cannabis and to learn how to decarboxylate your cannabis, click here. Once complete, the maple syrup can be in refrigerated storage for 15-30 days. The honey can be stored in a cool dark area for 1-2 months.

Video and recipe courtesy of The Wellness Soldier

The Recipe for cannabis-infused honey & maple syrup

  • We used 3.5 grams of decarboxylated cannabis per cup of honey/maple syrup.
  • Our THC content is 23%, which equates to 230mg THC-a per gram of cannabis. Multiply 3.5 (grams) by 230 it equals 805mg THC-a.
  • After decarboxylation converts the THC-a to THC, we are left with 708mg THC.
  • After infusion, THC multiplied by 80% gives a grand total of approximately 567mg of THC infused into your honey/maple syrup.

Information To Help With Your Calculations


  • Starting amount of grams = 3.5g
  • THC percentage per gram = 23% (revert to decimal)
  • Milligrams per gram .230 mg per gram
  • Amount of grams X milligrams (3.5 X 230) = 805mg THC-a
  • THC-a X .88 (Decarb) = 708mg THC
  • THC X .80 (For Loss) = Total 567mg THC

For your own Calculations:

  • Starting amount of grams = ________g
  • THC percentage per gram = ________% (revert to decimal)
  • Milligrams per gram ________mg per gram
  • Amount of grams X milligrams =___ _____THC-a
  • THC-a X .88 (Decarb) = ________THC
  • THC X .80 (For Loss) = Total ________mg

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