CBD and THC Crossword – Do you know the difference?

How well do you know the difference between THC and CBD? When it comes to these two cannabinoids, there’s a lot to know. Plus, with the spotlight on cannabis, a lot of research has been taking place. New information gets released regularly and for a cannabis enthusiast, it can be hard to keep up. 

So again comes the question, what do you know about the differences between THC and CBD? Let’s find out! Test your knowledge and answer this THC/CBD Crossword puzzle. Some clues have been added for your benefit below

1. BLANK is an extremely medicinal cannabinoid and often produces a psychoactive effect, or high.
2. THC encourages receptor activity while CBD BLANKS it.
3. THC and CBD are both known as phytoBLANKS. Finish the word
4. THC often works as a painkiller and CBD has strong antiBLANK properties.
5. BLANK can be extracted from both male and female cannabis plants.
6. Often, CBD will be harvested from BLANK.
7. Activated THC is only present after the process of BLANK.
8. Acting as an BLANK, CBD blocks the activity of the receptors that respond to stress.
9. Both CBD and THC have 21 carbon, 30 hydrogen, and 2 BLANK atoms but they are arranged in a different way.

Clue #1 

THC – When ingested, THC binds primarily with our CB1 receptor sites, as well as our CB2 receptors. Acting as an agonist, it stimulates neurotransmission, encouraging and producing activity.

CBD – Rather than activate your CB1 and CB2 receptors, CBD acts as an antagonist, blocking their processes. For example, Epilepsy is often caused by overactive neuroreceptors, resulting in seizures. When you introduce the right phytocannabinoids, they will take over and interrupt the effect. 

Noteworthy Point – THC encourages receptor activity while CBD blocks it. So, if you have taken too much THC and are not enjoying the effect, taking CBD may help to block what’s happening. 

Clue #2

THC – If you want to get some THC in your system, you get it from the resin of a female cannabis plant. However, it’s not that simple; Activated THC (Commonly referred to as delta-9 or delta-8 THC) is only present after the process of decarboxylation. Meaning, you need to get rid of a carbon atom and you can do this by adding heat.

CBD – This cannabinoid can be extracted from both male and female cannabis plants. Growing CBD-rich plants can be a tricky business, especially if you are looking to smoke a CBD bud. CBD can degrade faster than THC, making it a bit more finicky when it comes to the flowering cycle. Because of this, growers will usually harvest CBD buds a bit sooner. Often, CBD will be harvested from hemp

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