Cannasugar Another Ingredient to Cook with

Cannasugar — Your New Favourite Holiday Baking Ingredient

Most edibles recipes use CBD oil or butter but are there alternatives? Cannasugar is another ingredient that you could try cooking with.

So what is cannasugar exactly? As you could probably tell by its name, it’s sugar infused with cannabis. To make this special sugar you first use alcohol to draw out CBD from the plant. You then mix the extract with sugar to produce cannabis-infused sugar. Making cannasugar does take a while, usually taking around two days to complete. But thankfully, much of the process is quite hands-off. With the occasional check-up, you will have your cannasugar done without too much effort.

A Recipe to Follow

Now, let’s look at a recipe we can use to make cannasugar. This recipe is adapted from Ardent Cannabis, so shout outs to them. Here are the basic ingredients you will need:

  • a cup of sugar
  • grain alcohol
  • 1-3 grams of decarboxylated cannabis
  • a mason jar
  • a tray

With these ingredients and utensils, you can start crafting your sugar:

First, place your cannabis followed by the alcohol into your mason jar. Make sure the jar is secure, and then store it in a safe, cold place. Now, you have to play the waiting game – around 24 hours or so. Every few hours, check up on your infusion and give it a shake.

After your infusion is finished, place your sugar on your tray and mix the infusion into it. Again, we play the waiting game – the alcohol will evaporate after 12 to 16 hours. Make sure you give your tray a shake every couple of hours. Once the wait is over, your cannasugar should be done!

What are the Benefits of Cannasugar?

So why would you want to use cannasugar over other ingredients? For one, cannasugar is a lot more versatile than oil or butter. It tastes like regular sugar but with a hint of nuttiness. As a result, you can use it to supplement your regular sugar usage. Do you want a bit of sweetness to your coffee or tea? Add some cannasugar. Planning on making a batch of cookies? Do it with cannasugar.

cannasugar cookies
Photo by: NickyPe

Cannabis can also be an alternative option for medicinal use. Since you don’t have to heat the sugar, the CBD component does not convert into THC. As a result, you can eat the cannasugar without triggering some of the psychoactive effects that come with having THC in your body. You can then enjoy cannabis purely for its medicinal properties and nothing else.

Do you have any other recipes to share? Post them in the comments below.