Cannabis Life Network Joins The Great Canadian Canna Mall in Victoria

Cannabis Life Network has joined their friends at The Great Canadian Canna Mall, the country’s first all Cannabis retailer space, adding a Victoria studio that will feature new original programming.

Cannabis Life Network will soon begin renovations on the space where visitors will be able to view Cannabis Life Network content creation at the video and audio production booth, as well as take part.

“We’re proud to be joining the wonderful and progressive businesses at the Canna Mall like Shatter Shack and Green Ceiling,” said Chris Horlacher, President and CFO of Jade Maple, publisher of CLN. “It’s the perfect place for us at CLN to produce quality lifestyle content and show Canadians just what a responsible, professional cannabis industry looks like.”

With outreach and engagement an import part of Cannabis Life Network’s mandate, groups from the local cannabis community are encouraged to take advantage of the studio and production team for their own needs.

Great Canadian Canna Mall member Ashley Abraham who owns and operates the Green Ceiling cannabis lounge said the move will be a great resource and is excited to see Cannabis Life Network in Victoria covering the local community.

“It’s going to be an amazing addition to the space and the last missing piece to what’s happening in here,” said Abraham.

Abraham, whose business was recently issued a shutdown order by city officials, welcomed the opportunity to have a greater focus put onto the Victoria community.

“With what’s going on right now, it would be so beneficial to have people in here able to cover what’s happening,” she said.