CBD Hops to it

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has become a mainstream product these days. Studies have linked CBD to everything from helping people maintain youthful and radiant skin, to reducing anxiety and pain, to helping people kick cigarettes, and more.

CBD commonly comes from cannabis and it’s present in hemp and in medical marijuana.

However, cannabis isn’t the only source these days for CBD

You can get your CBD from hops too. Peak Health has a particular variety of hops that was said to be found growing on the Silk Road in India. Wild cannabis was growing in the same area as this variety of hops and the wild cannabis cross-pollinated the hop plants. The result of this cross-pollination was a variety of hop plant that contained CBD!

Peak Health discovered a loophole that others dreamed of finding. Many people are confused when it comes to whether or not CBD is legal. This is very understandable as the government continues negative propaganda campaigns that send up a smoke screen of confusion around this misunderstood cannabinoid. Is CBD from hops as good as CBD from cannabis? According to Peak Health, it is.

Cannabis-infused beverages could be a huge hit in Canada

It seems that CBD isn’t the only thing hopping into hops these days. It looks like THC and CBD will soon be hopping in with hops, too. Molson Coors of Canada has announced plans for the 1st cannabis-infused beverage of its kind in Canada. The drinks will not be alcohol infused with cannabis. Instead, the beverages will be THC based containing no alcohol.

Molson Brewing Company, initially founded in Canada, joined the American Coors Brewing Company back in 2005, making it the seventh largest brewery at that time.

The framework for regulation of cannabis-infused beverages and cannabis-infused edibles is not expected to roll out until 2019 or later in Canada. Current predictions estimate the global cannabis industry to be worth around $150 billion and growing like a weed.

Marketing, advertising, and production of cannabis-infused beverages and edibles in Canada won’t be easy. Currently, Canada has stringent laws pertaining to advertising cannabis products, laws designed to keep kids from being influenced by cannabis brands. Will these laws be changed or adapted to fit the new green sector of cannabis-infused beverages and edibles? Only time will tell.

Cannabis and alcohol

Alcohol and cannabis have coexisted throughout history. They both have faced prohibition by the U.S. federal government. Cannabis still faces prohibition by the US federal government and other governments around the globe. Even alcohol struggles with prohibition in certain places like India.

A great example of alcohol and cannabis co-existing together would be in California. Back in 1996 California legalized medical cannabis. This did not put alcohol out of business. In fact, the two have coexisted quite nicely together.

The alcohol industry has seen a shift in direction thanks to cannabis according to many people. That shift has gone from mass-produced products to craft ones. Craft brewed beers, wines, and spirits are replacing many of the well-known name brands so many are used to. Craft cannabis or craft beer, when it comes to the way people are choosing to consume medical or recreational products, you might say, they’re becoming crafty.


Article courtesy of Expert Joints. Written by JamesP from CannaLance (Canna-Lance.com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)