Celebrities Making Green From Their Cannabis Products

Back before cannabis was legal, celebrities spotted enjoying cannabis was usually spread out in the tabloids or trashy magazines. Now that cannabis is a billion-dollar industry, most celebrities are more open with their love of it. Why wouldn’t the avid celebrity smoker want to enjoy that green and make a little at the same time? Most celebrities put their name on a product, and it gains praise and popularity effortlessly. The list is pretty long of celebrities wanting a piece of the marijuana pie. Here are the top five celebrities with their own cannabis lines:

Willie Nelson

Aside from making some of the best country music albums, he has been actively involved in the legalization of cannabis. He founded his brand Willie’s Reserve, in 2015, and today, the company is hailed as one of the first celebrity-endorsed cannabis producing companies.  Hemp-infused chocolates made by his wife, Annie, were added to the product lineup and are some of the most sought after in celebrity-owned cannabis products, with unique products like Roasted Cacao Nibs, Chocolate Almond and Maui Espresso Bean.

Bob Marley

Funded by Privateer Holdings, Marley Natural was announced in 2014 and launched in Los Angeles in 2016. Its product line is currently available in California and Washington. Bob believed that a healthy, sustainable relationship with nature not only benefits individuals but also is essential for global well-being and happiness. The company boasts its products are cultivated, packaged and distributed in a mindful approach regarding an environmental footprint and how the environment is protected for future generations.

Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash

Tommy Chong

The stoner comic and actor was also among the first celebs to launch his own cannabis brand, starting in one shop in Colorado in 2015 and then branching out to Washington in 2016. Since forming the brand, Tommy has also rebranded his original lineup of pipes and bongs into Chong’s Choice, offering customers a good dose of custom flower jars, pre-rolls, cartridges and edibles. Another brand includes Cheech’s Private Stash which offers an interesting array of vapes, pre-rolls and flowers.

Snoop Dog

How could we leave out this known fan of ‘rollin’ down the street smokin’ endo’? Snoop Dogg was another one of the first to jump into the cannabis business, releasing his cannabis brand in 2015 dubbed “Leafs by Snoop”, a company dedicated to cannabis flowers and edibles. Based in Ontario, Snoop’s brand mainly focuses on selling a very ‘California Cool’ kind of product which focuses mainly on cannabis flowers, oils and edibles.

Seth Rogan

Along with his writing and producing partner Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogan launched his product line in Canada in 2019 with Canopy Growth. It includes flower, pre-rolls, softgels and one beverage, a grapefruit drink. The very first strain that came about, as a result, was Houseplant Sativa, with the Houseplant Indica and Houseplant Hybrid strains.

Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash

Honourable Mention

Martha Stewart might not be in the top five, but she had to be included in this list. It goes to show the demographic of cannabis users can sometimes surprise you. Pals with Snoop, Martha decided to create a line of CBD wellness products, even some specifically for your pets. Developed through one of the world’s leading cannabis companies, Canopy Growth, Stewart’s line offers gourmet CBD gummies, CBD oil, and CBD soft gels. The nice touch is the flavours of her gummy recipes take inspiration from what’s growing in her own personal garden. Leave it to Martha Stewart to impress us like that! Her products hit the shelves in September 2020.

Who is your favourite celebrity cannabis line? Any other famous names you think should start their own line? Let us know in the comments.