CGC’s Ian Dawkins On The Toddcast Podcast

Ian Dawkins, executive director of the CGC, was recently interviewed on the Toddcast Podcast. Below are some of the topics discussed.

When can Canada expect cannabis legalization?

“There’s certain things the government can’t really delay too much further. They lost a court challenge recently, the Allard decision, which means the courts are forcing them to come back in six months. I suspect you’re gonna hear more changes to medical cannabis laws. I’m already anticipating that we’re gonna hate what the contents of those news laws are. I would expect that by spring 2017 we’ll have a pretty good sense of how this is gonna roll out.”

On Canadians still being arrested for cannabis. “Once the government has come out and said that there’s no reason that cannabis should be illegal anymore, it seems farcical to continue to arrest people.”

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