New Cannabis Dispensary Looking To Open In The Suburbs

 A new cannabis dispensary is expecting to open its doors in the suburbs and the Stittsville councillor allegedly isn’t very happy about the upcoming endeavor.

The plans to open up the new shop have now sparked a confrontation between the city councillor for the suburb and the business owner who wants to open the shop. The dispensary owner, Franco Vigile, says that the city councillor is just trying to instill fear in the community and he promises that he will run the illegal dispensary in a safe and responsible manner.

And it isn’t the only shop either, as there are now roughly eight cannabis dispensary locations in town. Though they are technically illegal, many continue to pop-up around the nation; as Trudeau continues to struggle with his legalization plans. A number of shops have been raided over the past few months and along with that a growing amount of discontent within the public has emerged.

Ottawa police say that the drug and intelligence units are investigating the shops but so far they have not taken any action against them presently. Vigile says that with his cannabis shop he will be aiming for a gold standard, which will even include providing a registered nurse on staff.