Chamber In Windsor-Essex Wants To Lobby The Government On Legalization and Regulations

With cannabis legislation coming next year for legalization, many areas are already preparing for the future. One group that wants input on how legalization is implemented is the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The CEO of this particular chamber of commerce, Matt Marchland, says that they want to make sure they get their slice of the potentially huge growth of the cannabis industry once fully legalized. Marchand says that “We have an emerging cannabis marketplace and we want to be at the forefront in the industry for whatever the future holds. Windsor-Essex is a global leader in agricultural production and research. We have skilled talent in the agricultural community, so we want to make sure the economic benefits for Essex County are maximized.”

The chamber plans to give a resolution at a regional meeting in September which will be voted on. If two thirds vote in favour, the chamber will have the chance to appeal to the federal government. Marchand says that the chamber supports a regulatory framework to be put into place so the grey market will be eliminated. “It has to be clear who does what, also what is legal and what is not,” the CEO said.

We will continue to highlight which groups, cities, and municipalities take preparatory action with cannabis legalization on the way.