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Chef Cody serves up 4th annual Veterans Dinner Nov. 4th

Chef Cody has been having a banner year. He was recently on Bong Appetit, Vice’s series of cannabis cooking competitions, where he got the chance to cook for guest judge Wiz Khalifa and B-Real from Cypress Hill. Fresh off that appearance, he’s once again throwing his annual Veterans Dinner, now in its fourth iteration, on Nov. 4th at the Artisan Bistro in Victoria, BC.

The Veterans Dinner is meant to celebrate veterans and educate them on the potential of cannabis. Chef Cody knows that soldiers often experience PTSD and issues related to pain and sleep, and cannabis could help with that. He wants to show cannabis as another option, as in his personal experience he turned to cannabis to avoid the cocktail of pharmaceuticals so commonly prescribed by our healthcare system.

In fact, one of Chef Cody’s biggest motivations for doing the Veterans Dinner was to show veterans that healthy eating can still be delicious, while also giving them a place to socialize with others with similar experiences. After all, Chef Cody’s a veteran himself, having served on the Canadian Forces for seven years which included two tours overseas. 

So it’s fitting that the Veterans Dinner is taking place exactly one week before Remembrance Day.

Veterans eat for free

You read that right. Not only will Chef Cody be serving a delicious 4-course meal, but it’s also FREE for Canadian veterans and their spouse or battle buddy. it’s more than just a dinner, as Chef Cody has lined up a few speakers, a raffle, and the ever-popular give-away bags.

It’s all made possible by the sponsors, which include Cannabis Life Network and JadeMaple.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a veteran, contact:

Check out the Veterans Dinner from previous years here.

Veterans Dinner Details

4th Annual Veterans Dinner

  • Monday, November 4th, 2019
  • Artisan Bistro
    • Victoria BC, 777 Royal Oak Dr.
  • 7pm

FREE for Canadian Veterans and their Spouse/Battle Buddy

4 Course Meal – Speakers – Raffles – Give Away Bags 

Dress – Casual

Featured image courtesy of CBC.