chef cody lindsay chronic cooking

Chronic Cooking: Eat your greens with Chef Cody’s cannabis-infused salads

Your mom may have always told you to eat your greens, and now, with Chef Cody’s Chronic Cooking, it’s never been easier or better.

Watch Chef Cody cooking with Loudonio for the second episode of Expert Joints LIVE! Chronic Cooking.

In this episode, you’ll not only get the exclusive recipes for two of Chef Cody’s cannabis-infused salad dressings, you’ll see how to make the perfect, easy, salads to go with them.

It’s a sure-fire way to eat healthier, and whether you have a blender or not, it will only make eating a fresh salad feel even better.

Chef Cody’s Herb Vinaigrette

First up is Chef Cody’s Herb Vinaigrette, and make sure to use all of the olive and cannabis oils as you need to achieve that perfect dosage with the mix of medicated herb and garlic goodness, which you can easily make yourself with common kitchen ingredients.chef cody lindsay chronic cooking

If you don’t like your dressing that olive oil-y, Chef Cody recommends a ratio of 3:1 with cannabis oil and vinegar.

If you like that sour tang, he says to go up to 2 parts oil to 1 part vinegar.

Cannabis Cooking’s Avocado Cream Dressing

But what if you don’t like vinaigrettes?! Maybe you’re not a fan of that vinegar sour and you prefer something a bit creamier. Well, have no fear- that’s why Chef Cody’s Avocado Dressing is here.

chef cody lindsay chronic cooking

Watch as Chef Cody and Loudonio go through the avocado do’s-and-don’ts. With the garlic, cilantro, and lime, it’s a lot of flavour.

Last but not least, dose your cannabis oil, and into the blender it goes. Then, find out how long you should let your salad dressing rest before using (Chef Cody recommends an hour!).

The Salads

Imagine a simple, medicated, herb-marinated tomato salad. Is your mouth watering yet?

To wrap it all up, Chef Cody and Loudonia give you a simple, easy tomato salad that pairs amazingly with the Herb Vinaigrette.

It’s also important to have a bit of fun so get creative and freestyle- do what you want! Add some of your favourite vegetables. For a delicious, plant-based protein, Chef Cody recommends hemp seeds. It’s only fitting.

Bon Appetit

I remember reading somewhere that cooking is just chemistry for hungry people. And with Chef Cody’s Chronic Cooking, that couldn’t be more true.