Edibles in California… Food Failure

All of Canada and our neighbours south of the border are trying to sort out cannabis regulations, and we are all watching each others successes and failures with great interest. Keeping that in mind, here’s the latest legal blunder from California!

Starting New Years Day, 2018, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control will be enforcing a new maximum dosage regulation for cannabis edibles, 100mg maximum of THC per product.

What words do they use to try explain this catastrophe?

The most obvious thing about the justification behind this regulation is that whomever created them obviously doesn’t use cannabis, barely ever does, and has very little experience with it.

According to the Department of Health, theoretically cannabis users everywhere are unintendedly consuming a higher dose of cannabis when using edibles.

These rules are from the people who don’t use cannabis, have no idea how much to take, and clearly have no idea where to begin in terms of creating any public guidelines for proper dosing. In fact, they are so worried about people getting too high from this non-fatal plant, the Department of Health and California Bureau of Cannabis Control are willing to infringe upon human rights and create a devastating and unnecessary “solution” for a “problem” that doesn’t exist.

People may die…

The people who need cannabis edibles the most often have conditions that make eating very difficult. Having a high-dose edible enables a cancer patient to have a small bite of a cookie and digest enough medicine to facilitate a meal. As of January 1st, these people are all at risk.

Guess what they are doing right now… baking!

When new regulations are days away, the ovens have been fired up around the clock in the State of California. High-dose edible companies are working non-stop to pump out their wares for a hungry cannabis consumer mob; literally changing their business hours to try to supply the sudden green rush.

So, meanwhile in California, until the proper authorities wise up, the cookie monsters are coming… unfortunately, for the people who are already suffering the most, it is sure to be devastating.