“Puff, puff, pass” and other common cannabis-related lingo

Stoner slang is like a foreign language, and unfortunately, Duolingo can’t even help you with your fluency. Luckily though, Urban Dictionary (the online glossary for slang and cultural phrases) is a lifeline for anyone who’s too afraid to ask, “what does that mean?”

(Jon Tyson/Unsplash)

Cannabis itself has a multitude of synonyms such as weed, pot, grass, marijuana, bud, ganja, cabbage, reefer etc. But for now, here’s my take on a few common cannabis terms. Let’s go back to the headline. 

Puff Puff Pass: Just like it sounds: when you’re smoking marijuana with multiple people, each person takes two hits then passes it to the next person in a rotation.

Doink: This one never fails to make me laugh. It’s a joint, but extra hefty and overstuffed.

Pack a Bowl: When you fill ground cannabis flower into the glass bowl of a pipe or bong.

Toke/Toking: Smoking but say toking instead. I guess it just sounds cooler?

Canoeing: When a joint burns faster on one side – making it look like a boat.

Bong Snap: Smoking a portion of marijuana with a single inhalation from a bong; therefore, emptying the entire contents of the bowl.

Cannabliss: Enjoying the euphoric effects of marijuana – pure bliss.

Cashed: When a given amount of cannabis has been completely smoked. 

Cotton Mouth: A way to describe the dry mouth side-effect from smoking cannabis.

Cherried: When the marijuana stays ignited in the bowl without having to relight it – sometimes resembling a cherry because it has a red glow.

Whether you’re fluent in cannabis terminology or not, there’s no rulebook to slang. There’s some freedom to cannabis-related lingo and there’s always an opportunity for new phrases… so how do you talk pot?

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