Compassion club raided in saskatoon

Saskatoon police have raided a local compassion club, arresting two men and two women, who are now facing trafficking and possession charges related to cannabis.

Police say they acted on two search warrants this morning, one at the Saskatchewan Compassion Club, and the other at a home.

A 36-year-old man is facing charges of trafficking marijuana and cannabis resin, possession for the purpose of trafficking marijuana and possession of the proceeds of crime.

A 24-year old male, and two women, aged 23 and 39, are also facing charges of trafficking and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

They are all expected to appear in court tomorrow.

The Saskatchewan Compassion Club was opened in the summer to help patients get better access to their medical cannabis.

Customers who arrived at the dispensary today were upset to learn it had been shut down.

“If they go down then there’s a ton of patients out there that are now stuck going back to black market. And I really think that’s horrible.” Sean Dew told the CBC, who said he uses cannabis to treat Crohn’s disease.

“Now I have to go talk to other people and I’m not happy about that either because this was one place where I felt safe.”