Concerns Raised Over “Unregulated” Dispensaries by Former LP Applicant

Fred Glawischnig, the former head of Canadian Cannabis Solutions, a defunct company that applied to become an licensed producer (LP) and failed, is sounding the alarm about “unregulated” cannabis dispensaries.

“They have no quality control or quality assurance regulations,” said Glawischnig. “There’s no oversight, there’s no testing and there’s no recall procedure.” He claimed that dispensaries often buy “overstock” from legal growers.

Despite failing as an LP, Glawischnig still praised the system, saying,  “[Licensed Producer cannabis] is produced in almost laboratory-type conditions, it’s tested for any pesticide residuals and only Health Canada-approved pesticides can be used.”

While Saskatoon city councillors debate the merits of regulating dispensaries, Glawischnig wrote them a letter discouraging the action, writing that the city has “very little to gain allowing an unlicensed drug to be sold to anyone in its community.”