Life is about relationships and the way they enrich our lives. The difference between one that is harmful or healthy can walk a thin line, but with a bit of effort, practice, and honesty, harmony is attainable between partners.

Your relationship with cannabis is just as unique as your endocannabinoid system, and positive or negative, it can affect your relationship with your special someone. When two stoners find love, the world can align with beauty but left unchecked, life can quickly turn skunky. Every couple needs to check in with each other to maintain a healthy relationship. With that in mind, here are some questions meant for couples who love cannabis.

Instructions for couples who love cannabis
  • All of these questions are meant to be asked by both partners. 
  • Depending on where you’re at in your relationship, they may or may not apply. 
  • Some might take a bit of courage to ask and even more to answer, but one thing that is sure is that each of them is worth it. 

Question – Are you happy with how much I contribute to our weed habit?

This question between couples who love cannabis is not the easiest to ask or answer – but doing so can prevent a lot of issues. After all, this conversation is basically about finances in the relationship. Cannabis costs money but depending on what you like, how much you use, and how often, cannabis budgets vary from person to person.

This is not about pushing for equal-canna-contributions because that doesn’t work for every relationship – especially in cases where one partner works in the cannabis industry. The reason that it’s important to check-in and be open is to avoid resentments. It’s about treating your partner with respect and showing consideration. Take the leap. Ask your partner if you smoke too much of their stash or speak up if it’s yours. Remember, nobody wants to be this person so tell them if they are.

Solution suggestion for couples who love cannabis – Trade cannabis with acts of love such as backrubs, household chores or the things that become hard when you’ve smoked a lot of weed ex. Water refills. Figuring out some little things to even the odds will provide reassurance; it gives each partner a tool to ensure everyone feels like everything is equal, without making things into a big deal. 

Question – How does cannabis make you feel?

The answer might seem obvious and you may think you already know it. But the human body changes with time and pain has a way of creeping up. Those tokes could be more about pain than pleasure, but without asking, it’s really hard to tell the difference. Be curious about how cannabis affects them and you will open up a conversation about so much more than weed. Really, you are checking in about your partner’s health and the endocannabinoid system, and this can be helpful for more than just your own understanding. It can lead to self-reflection. Sometimes, we don’t ask ourselves a question until someone else does, and who better to do that than your partner. 

Question – Do you have any cannabis bucket list dreams?

Have you always wanted to eat a bunch of pot cookies and spend the day at Disneyland? Do you dream of getting baked on the beaches of Bali and then getting a sunset massage? They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and this question is the beginning. Sharing your dreams includes your partner in them, turns wishes to reality, and helps you to bond. You gotta start planning if you want to make it happen, especially in the long term, stoner relationship. Plus, who knows what kind of fun and crazy can adventure you’ll come up with together!

Question – Are you comfortable with the amount of money we spend on weed?

Again we’re chatting about finances, and yes, it’s important to check and make sure that you both feel comfortable with your cannabis budget – a relationship will crumble when too much cash goes up in smoke. But, this question is not meant to just be answered with a yes or no, it’s meant to make you think about the amount you spend and why you spend it. Talking to your partner takes that dialogue out of your head and into reality, providing valuable insight into your relationship with cannabis. You never know, they might help you see something that you otherwise wouldn’t, like how much money you would save if you started buying ounces. 

Question – How do you feel about how much weed we use in the bedroom? Should we add more or useless?

This question offers a few different insights, such as how sex feels physically and if it causes any pain at all. But going further, asking this question can lead to the topic of trying anal sex, for example. Thanks to cannabis suppositories and lubes on the market, opening door number two has never been easier – pot could add that X factor for experimenting in the bedroom. Another reason to bring up bud in the bedroom is what it could do for your sex life. The properties of pot provide a tool that might make certain activities easier for your partner to handle, thus, potentially making them available. For example, maybe your partner avoids certain positions because it feels like a fist to the cervix. Cannabis lube might be the perfect solution and this question can open up the discussion, in a gentle, easy way.

Regardless of the way cannabis exists within your relationship, make it a topic. If you can walk into this discussion with an open heart, voice, and ears; you can start a course in the right direction or, rest assured in the knowledge that you have.