If you need answers to some questions about cannabis, you could always Ask An Expert, like Dr. Markus Roggen. Or do this cannabis crossword. What makes this guy an expert? Simple! Education, knowledge, and experience.

Dr. Markus Roggen is the founder and CEO of Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures LTD, a licensed cannabis research laboratory. He’s not a stoner but is fascinated with the cannabis plant. Best of all, he is willing to let us pick his brain and ask him anything at all about cannabis… anything. From scientific to stupid, we have and will ask this guy any question about cannabis and he will do his best to give us an answer. Thanks to the help and creativity of our chronic loving viewers, we have had a lot to work with! 

Past favorites include questions such as:

Last week, we aired the Season 2 Finale of Ask An Expert. So, it’s time to find out what everyone learned from Dr. Markus Roggen… with a cannabis crossword! All of the answers can be found within past episodes, so if you get stuck, remember that you can always Ask An Expert!

1. Dr. Markus Roggen has a doctorate in BLANK
2. According to Dr. Markus, you should not use this white liquid as bong water.
3. When THC enters this organ, it is broken down by enzymes and ultimately converted into a much stronger compound.
4. He once described BLANK as being 'the plant equivalent of jizz'. Begins with letter 'P'
5. The term used to described the chemical components within the cannabis plant. Begin with letter 'C'
6. Known as the main metabolite behind THC, 11BLANKTHC intensifies the psychoactivity of THC. Blank starts with letter 'H'
7. This method of cannabis ingestion doesn't burn the flower, thus, no carcinogens are produced. To use this method is to BLANK. Starts with 'V'
8. Smaller buds have more surface area, thus, they produce more of these BLANK. Begins with letter 'T'
9. The problem with old seeds is their BLANK storage is depleted so there’s not enough energy to come back to life. BLANK begins with 'C'
10. Boveda packs remove humidity from the atmosphere because they contain BLANK. Begins with letter 'S'

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