February 2021 Horoscope

February 2021 Higher Power Horoscope

Welcome to our new Higher Power Horoscope series! Every month we’ll provide tarot insights into the current astrological transits at play along with our recommended cannabis strains for each sign.


Happy birthday season, Aquarius! With Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn transiting your sign, the collective energy is moving into a more humanitarian vibe. Focus your talents on networking and communication. This is your time to shine and share all the natural gifts you possess.

Recommended strain: Mimosa – rare like you, with bright and uplifting effects. You’ll be feeling euphoric and free, exactly as you’re meant to.


Pisces, this month you are asked to consider a middle path. A battle of head versus heart is weighing on you, so practice patience before springing into action. With Neptune transiting your sign, you’ll be feeling extra dreamy, so pause to consider “what is my truth?” before making any rash decisions.

Recommended strain: Soul Diesel – the quick euphoria this strain provides will allow your mind to stay nimble enough to consider all options.


February is a time of new beginnings for you! Some recent challenges have made you set high standards for yourself and others. The flip side is that you can see the ‘big picture’ more clearly – you’re dialed in! Anything that falls away from you now will be replaced by what aligns.

Recommended strain: Dr. Feelgood – a tingly, all-over body high that provides a blissful experience, conducive to that much-needed introspection.


Mars is currently transiting your sign, Taurus. Your natural practicality and nurturing energy conflicts with Mars’ active, passionate push forward. You are encouraged to rest, relax and dream this month. Take time to focus inward; cultivate your inner strength and you’ll be ready to put your idealistic plans into action once Mars moves into Gemini next month.

Recommended strain: Bubba Kush – a heavy cerebral that creeps into your body, to provide an overall restful experience.


Trust that whatever is not meant for you is being removed. Stay grounded and keep your energy levels high and aligned with an overdose of self-care. It’s difficult to leave things behind, but trust you’re creating space for new blessings to enter. This will bring the revelation you’ve been waiting for to the surface.

Recommended strain: Grandaddy Purple – a deep, relaxing high and a feeling of physical serenity to float you through this transition.


You are being called to rebalance yourself. After a period of transition, you are forging ahead and leaving behind outdated beliefs and behaviors. Embrace the power behind your generosity and understand when and where to use it. Be sure to fill your own cup before you reach to refill others’.

Recommended strain: Frosty – a calm and collected buzz that will have all your muscles relaxed within minutes.


Pay attention to your love connections and emotional state this month. You are set to experience a breakthrough and the clarity you’ve had on situations lately is razor sharp! Be mindful of your mind during this time – you are exactly as powerful as you imagine yourself to be.

Recommended strain: Amnesia Haze – a dense, lemony smoke that’ll help you stay laser-focused.


Patience is key for you this month. You recently planted seeds of change – give these time to grow! Trust your path and the freedom of the in-between. The full moon in your sign on February 27 asks you to relinquish control – not everything may go according to your plan.. and that’s okay!

Recommended strain: Dark Angel – a happy head rush which to leave you introspective and dreamy.


You recently completed a cycle and have new opportunities to present yourself. It is wise to acknowledge the grief that change can bring and honor that. Trust that what is meant for you, will not pass you by. Your blessings are inevitable.

Recommended strain: Super Lemon Haze – a peppy, cerebral buzz that will enhance a state of happiness.


The competition you’re experiencing is no match for the legacy you’re set on building for yourself. Your desires manifest quicker when you position yourself as a leader to be trusted. Everything you have been through has brought you to this point. You’re ready to overcome!

Recommended strain: OG 1 Kenobi – to feel creatively inclined while embraced in a loving couch lock.


The breakthroughs keep coming for you, Sag! You’ve been seeing the fruits of your labor. Continue seeking like-minded individuals for your collaborative community and feed your mind by taking time to surround yourself in nature. Grounding your energy will keep it flowing in the right direction.

Recommended strain: Willie Nelson – a social, clear-headed buzz that will keep conversations flowing.


Authenticity was a theme for you while Venus was in your sign. Keep doing what you need to to build the life you want. Remaining confident, focused, and true to yourself will reward you with the freedom you seek. You have the determination to get there – trust yourself!

Recommended strain: Laughing Buddha – a giddy lightheartedness, which reflects the positivity you seek.