This TikTok Trend is the Ultimate Go-to For Hungry Stoners

A few weeks ago on TikTok, I came across the #TortillaTrend that includes a tortilla wrap made with literally anything you can find. Genius!

When I say anything you can find, I really mean anything. When I tried this TikTok trend for the first time, I did not have a lot to work with in the fridge, I just started putting together what I could find—and what I thought may work well together. What’s really appealing about this hack to me is the additional fold, which separates the ingredients between the layers of tortilla.

Let me walk you through what I did:

  1. Grab a tortilla wrap and cut a slit from the middle of the wrap to the end.
  2. Visualize 4 quadrants (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) and determine which four ingredients (or more) you want to in each one.
  3. I started by laying out spinach in Q1.
  4. Then, placed cooked turkey bacon and sandwich meat in Q2.
  5. Q3 was for the cheese!
  6. And finally, I tossed leftover chicken I found in the fridge in some teriyaki sauce and put that in Q4.
  7. Here comes the fun part, the fold! Starting with Q1, fold it onto Q2, then fold again to Q3, and finally fold to Q4.
  8. Lastly, either press on a grill or cook lightly in a frying pan to give it a nice crunch on the outside.

This wrap hack works well with just about anything! I have made a variety of wraps now using this technique and I’m a little obsessed. I totally get why this has become a viral trend on TikTok.

Mix it up and try a dessert version!

With billions of views on TikTok—Yes, billions with a b—it is surely a trend many of us can get behind. Since there are endless possibilities for the ingredients it makes it fun to keep trying new combinations while also looking for new ones on social media. Enjoy this wrap with bud from The Vault Cannabis Seed Store!

Featured Image is from Simmnet Nutrition who has come up with vegan options.

Will you try this #TortillaTrend? Let us know what you used in the comments below. Follow us on Instagram @cannalifenet.