Delta Mayor Worried About Legal Grow-Ops

The Canadian courts recently decided to uphold the rights of citizens by protecting and supporting the right of Canadians who are medical cannabis patients, to be able to grow their own cannabis in the comfort of their own home. Not everyone was happy about the decision. The Mayor of Delta, Lois Jackson, says that she is now worried about the growing popularity of cannabis and the possibility that she could see the emergence of growing and selling in the area.

Jackson says that she is concerned over the possibility of people growing in their own homes and she says that it could open the door up to abuses. She is worried that indoor grow-ops will spring-up and take over the area. “There’s so many aspects of this possible legalization and we really don’t know what it’s going to look like,” said Jackson. Delta has already passed regulations that prohibit medical marijuana facilities in all of its zones, and this includes agricultural.

Although, when it comes to new ones being considered under the (supposedly) coming market, approval for those would be considered on a case-by-case basis. Only two applications have been approved within industrial zones. Jackson says that when it comes to the priority of what she wants grown on the land in Delta, she says it isn’t cannabis. “We do not want it grown on the agricultural lands and taking up agricultural land from food production,” she says. “We have to be careful what we create,” she warns, and insists that we should sit by and wait for the alcohol-like centralized market to roll out once the Liberals have established their regulatory method of how cannabis can be distributed.