Chilliwack Dispensary Being Fined Daily For Refusing To Shut Down Operations

From Squamish to Prince Edward Island, dispensaries are popping-up all across the country. Some with a little more luck than others. One Chilliwack dispensary, WeeMedical Marijuana Dispensary Society, continues to get hit with daily fines in an effort to have them cease operations.

Mayor Sharon Gaetz says that they are going to continue with the fines until the dispensary is closed. Thus far, the store has received a daily fine of $1000 dollars for operating without a business license.

The two landlords for the business are also allegedly receiving $500 daily fines as well, which adds up to a total of $2000 in profit for the city for every day that they layer these folks with more fines. “I can’t speculate on why they’re remaining open,.. They’re obviously not in compliance with the laws of Canada,… We cannot work together with an illegal company,” said Mayor Gaetz. Even if that company is providing a much-needed and valued service in the way of offering medicine to those who need it.

For now, the technicalities of illegality haven’t stopped dozens of dispensaries in Canada from operating successfully for many years now. Some jurisdictions simply choose not to place a preference on wasting resources over enforcing such victimless crimes. The city has sent letters to WeeMedical Marijuana Dispensary Society in order to explain the fines and they have educated the business operators that they aren’t running the business in a legal manner.

The dispensary isn’t rushing to close the doors however, and they’ve even reached out to their supporters to help them with a petition. For now, Chilliwack RCMP haven’t commented on whether they are concerned with the dispensary in question, but they did respond with a brief statement saying that businesses or individuals who are operating in contravention of the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act (CDSA) and Health Canada Regulations may be subject to investigation and criminal charges in accordance with Canadian laws.