Chilliwack Dispensary Fined $44,000 By City

Chilliwack’s WeeMedical Dispensary Society is reopening as WeeMedical Wellness after the city has refused to allow the business to operate in medical cannabis, issuing 88 tickets totalling $44,000.

WeeMedical director May Joan Liu said the shop will now focusing on selling health products and cannabis paraphernalia, but won’t be selling medical cannabis unless a change in attitude happens with city officials.

The shop was denied the ability to dispense in the city, and was raided twice since opening Mar. 19. After the Apr. 15 raid by RCMP, Liu said the shop hasn’t been fully open, but that hasn’t stopped the city from filing a petition in B.C. Supreme Court to shut down the shop completely.

“They should really do some research because we haven’t been open since Apr. 18,” Liu said, who said she found out about the petition from social media. “They’re misguided and misinformed and they’re basically sticking to the letter of the law which, if we don’t oppose and do what we feel is right, there’s never going to be any change.”

Liu said the city has shown no interest in being educated on medical cannabis, meaning patients in the town will need to travel to other cities to obtain their medicine, which for many of those with serious health or mobility issues isn’t an easy solution.

At a council meeting last week where the city voted to deny WeeMedical a business license, councillors said the business had “jumped the queue” in regard to legalization.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the regulation of dispensing of medical marijuana is going to happen,” said councillor Jason Lum. “But this is too early right now.”

WeeMedical said an opening for the new shop will be announced soon.