Chilliwack Dispensary Raided and Closed by RCMP

After saying they had no intentions of closing their doors Chilliwack’s WeeMedical dispensary was raided by RCMP Tuesday afternoon.

The shop has reportedly been closed and all advertising removed from the building.

Manager Shayli Vere said, in a Facebook post, that she was arrested but released without charges from the RCMP.

Vere said that “due to WeeMedical’s focus only on the profits made without proper pay or support to their staff I have left the company.”

Vere apologized to clients of the shop and encouraged supporters to continue to spread the message of cannabis acceptance to the city and authorities.

“Please let the papers, your city council and RCMP know what you think of paying for nine armed RCMP with bulletproof vests raiding just little me,” Vere wrote. “I cooperated, I left WeeMedical but will continue to fight for the cause as I am able.”

Since opening, WeeMedical said it had been fined $1,000, daily, by the city and was in the process of disputing the charges before the raid.

Dear Chilliwack patients and new friends. Due to WeeMedical s focus only on the profits made without proper pay or…

Posted by WeeMedical Dispensary Society Chilliwack on Wednesday, 6 April 2016